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Skinbreeze offers a unique textile


SkinBreeze focusses on the development of textile products that protect and nourish the skin. We invented a textile that brings thé solution for people who suffer from bedsores or night sweats. Soon we will present our products against the discomfort of night sweats. Furthermore, we work on the development of products that help to prevent bedsores this year.

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Werking en voordelen SkinBreeze Textiel

How the SkinBreeze technology works: regulating the microclimate.

SkinBreeze textiles

A unique composition

Based on scientific research on night sweats and pressure ulcers, a unique textile was developed by Leo Smit and Ellen Geerdink. SkinBreeze textile brings multiple benefits because of the layered composition. Curious? Request more information or a test product using the form below.

The benefits of SkinBreeze

Moisture regulating

SkinBreeze textile easily absorbs sweat and makes it evaporate quickly. This keeps your skin cool and dry.


Due to the fast evaporation of moisture from SkinBreeze textile, your skin cools down quickly when needed. This keeps your skin at a pleasant temperature.


The thick outer layer of SkinBreeze textile makes airflow through the textile possible. Your skin will be able to breathe comfortably.

Smooth and soft

SkinBreeze textile has a smooth inner layer which feels soft. This reduces the friction on your skin.

Pressure reduction

The thicker outer layer of SkinBreeze textile equalizes the pressure on your skin and reduces the pressure you feel.


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The first responses on the test versions of our SkinBreeze bedding are positive! Because we want to start the production of our bedding soon, we would like to have more feedback on our products. We need you for this! Would you like to contribute to the development and improvement of SkinBreeze textile products? Please fill out the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.







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