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Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus, are painful injuries which are caused by continuously lying down or sitting in a wheelchair for a long period of time. This is a well-known problem in healthcare institutions. Bedsores are difficult to heal and as a result, some patients must stay in healthcare institutions for three times as long, just to let the bedsores heal.


Scientists have shown that pressure, friction on the skin, and the skin’s microclimate are important factors for the development of bedsores. The quality of the skin’s microclimate depends on the temperature and moisture level on and around the skin. Higher temperature and air humidity increase the risk of bedsores.


Bedsores appear most frequently on spots such as the back of the head, the heels and the tailbone. This is because on these spots the bone is very close to the skin surface.

Prevent bedsores? SkinBreeze Textiles!

SkinBreeze brings relief

SkinBreeze textile consists of multiple layers with their own function. Together these layers keep the microclimate of the skin healthy. This means that it keeps the skin cool and dry, reduces friction and equalizes the pressure on the skin. This way, SkinBreeze textile contributes to the prevention of bedsores.


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