Get to know Team SkinBreeze

Our team consists of enthusiastic and motivated people from all over the Netherlands. Within our team we treat each other as equals and we keep challenging each other. Together we develop textile products that nourish and protect the skin.

With our textile, we aim to help various people, among which are patients with an increased risk for bedsores and people who suffer from night sweats.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Leo Smit | Oprichter SkinBreeze

Leo Smit

Co-founder & product development

When I was working as an innovation advisor, I came across the problem of bedsores. This gave me the idea of developing a special kind of textile to fight this problem. This resulted in… the SkinBreeze start-up!


Pretty early in the process, we discovered that our product can also benefit the people who suffer from night sweats. I think it’s fantastic to further develop these products together with the whole team, and thereby help people to keep their skin in a healthy condition.

Ellen Geerdink | Mede-oprichter SkinBreeze

Ellen Geerdink

Co-founder & general manager

As a consultant, manager a marketeer, I have always worked in commercial jobs. But one day, I just wanted to do something completely new. SkinBreeze is all about the adventure of starting my own company and to really make a difference in the lives of some people. This adventure has now become reality.


I have a lot of experience myself with visiting hospitals with skin problems, and I know like no other how important a good skin condition is. With SkinBreeze, my goal is to contribute to the battle against bedsores and the discomforts of night sweats. I want to help people to keep their skin healthy.

Wendy Mertens | Team SkinBreeze

Wendy Mertens

Marketing & communication

Besides my marketing communication function at an international business school, I work as a freelance marketing communication specialist at SkinBreeze. I absolutely love to work with such an enthusiastic and motivated team. It’s fantastic to bring give attention to SkinBreeze and all our beautiful products.

Patricia van Weenen | Team SkinBreeze

Patricia van Weenen


Na jarenlang bij grote internationale kledingbedrijven te hebben gewerkt, ben ik op het punt gekomen waarbij ik graag iets voor andere mensen wil betekenen. Toen ik Leo een paar jaar geleden ontmoette was ik direct enthousiast over dit mooie concept. Met veel plezier deel ik dan ook mijn kennis en ervaring bij de ontwikkeling van de SkinBreeze producten.

Ellen Smit | Team SkinBreeze

Ellen Smit

Marketing & communication

After my study: Economic and consumer psychology at Leiden University, I now give advice on communication and marketing based on psychological-scientific literature. For example, the texts used by SkinBreeze and the design of the website. I really enjoy working with this team and learning a lot at the same time.

Demi Vissers | Team SkinBreeze

Demi Vissers

Fashion & Textile technology

Momenteel studeer ik Fashion and Textile Technologies aan het Saxion te Enschede. Binnen SkinBreeze doe ik mijn afstudeeronderzoek. Voor SkinBreeze ben ik bezig met de ontwikkeling van nieuwe producten ter preventie van decubitus. Ik vind het werken binnen een klein team erg fijn, ook de communicatie is erg open wat een prettige werksfeer geeft.

Saxion University Smart Solutions Team

In opdracht van SkinBreeze werken Janine te Molder, Jolien Kobus, Nicole Heesen, Manouk de Kleijn, Thijs Bomers, Maud Tijscholte en Britt Wigger samen aan een prototype ter preventie van hieldecubitus. Vanuit verschillende disciplines (Verpleegkunde, Small Business & Retail management en Fashion & Textile Technologies) kijken zij naar de medische eisen, de behoeften van zorgverleners en patiënten, de richtlijnen van verzekeraars, de huidige markt, de kwaliteit en de vorm van het prototype.

The benefits of SkinBreeze

Moisture regulating

Smooth and soft

Pressure reducing