Reduce discomfort from night sweats

Improve your nights rest with SkinBreeze

Suffering from night sweats means excessive sweating during your sleep. This can have either a medical or a hormonal cause, but it can also be caused by lifestyle and sleeping habits. Night sweats can’t be prevented completely but the right choice of bedding can give relief.


Severe night sweats can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. It is uncomfortable to wake up sweaty, with wet bedding and nightwear in the middle of the night.


SkinDream textile helps to keep your skin cool and dry by immediately absorbing and spreading the sweat. It also ventilates the textile, which speeds up the evaporation process of the moisture. With our products your bedding and your skin will stay dry during the night. SkinDream textile therefore offers your more comfort and a better night’s sleep.


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Our unique textile is…

Moisture regulating

SkinBreeze textile easily absorbs sweat and makes it evaporate quickly. This keeps your skin cool and dry.


Due to the fast evaporation of moisture from SkinBreeze textile, your skin cools down quickly when needed. This keeps your skin at a pleasant temperature.


The thick outer layer of SkinBreeze textile makes airflow through the textile possible. Your skin will be able to breathe comfortably.

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