The SkinBreeze technology

keeps your skin cool and dry

SkinBreeze is a new technology for producing textile that keeps the microclimate of the skin as healthy as possible. The skin’s microclimate depends on the temperature and moisture level of the environment around the skin. SkinBreeze textile consists of multiple layers that help to keep the skin cool and dry. Furthermore, it equalizes pressure and reduces friction on the skin. The inner and outer layers are precisely matched. These layers are adaptable to different situations and applications. Our SkinBreeze technology is patented.


© Our SkinBreeze technology is protected by patent.

Werking en voordelen SkinBreeze Textiel

The outer layer

The outer layer of the textile is in direct contact with the skin. This layer quickly absorbs moisture, and it feels smooth, soft and cool to the skin. This first layer is designed to spread moisture throughout the layer as quickly as possible, so the moisture evaporates faster. This keeps the skin dry.  The outer layer also reduces the friction on the skin.

The inner layer

The inner layer is made of a thicker fabric with an open structure which makes air flow through the layer possible. Due to this ventilating effect, the moisture is quickly abducted from the first layer and evaporated. This results in a cooling effect. The inner layer also equalizes the pressure on the skin.

The benefits of SkinBreeze

Moisture regulating

Smooth and soft

Pressure reducing

Team SkinBreeze

Our team consists of enthusiastic and motivated people from all over the Netherlands. Within our team we treat each other as equals and we keep challenging each other. Get to know the team using the button below.

Together we develop textile products that nourish and protect the skin. With our textile, we aim to help various people, among which are patients with an increased risk for bedsores and people who suffer from night sweats.
Get to know the team
Leo Smit
Co-founder & Product Development
Ellen Geerdink
Co-founder & general manager
Wendy Mertens
Marketing & communication
Patricia van Weenen
Ellen Smit
Marketing & communication
Demi Vissers
Fashion & Textile technology

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