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SkinDream bedding supports a good night’s sleep. SkinDream keeps your skin cool and dry. SkinDream optimally removes sweat from your skin and has a comforting, silk-like touch. Treat yourself to SkinDream!

Night Sweating

Excessive sweating at night can disrupt your sleep. SkinDream textile helps to keep your skin cool and dry by absorbing sweat immediately…

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Inflammations, infections, use of certain medicine, diabetes and cancer can all be causes of sweating during sleep. Furthermore, …

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Night sweats are not completely preventable. However, there are possibilities to reduce your discomfort and improve your sleep. Possible solutions are…

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      Sweating during sleep

      an uncomfortable experience


      Sweating during sleep can have medical or hormonal causes but can also be caused by lifestyle and sleeping habits. The body thinks it is overheated and will try to cool down. The blood vessels widen and the sweat glands open. The heart starts beating faster and pupms blood to the head. You will get a warm red head and will then start sweating. This process can disrupt your nights rest.


      In 24 hours, a person produces between 100 and 800 ml sweat. Depending on circumstances such as weather and physical exercise, the amount of transpiration can differ. Sweating during sleep can bring a lot of discomfort. Sometimes people even must change their nightwear and/or bedding during the night. A disrupted nights rest does not help to stay fit and healthy.

      Reducing discomfort from night sweats


      Excessive sweating at night can disrupt the nights rest. This gives a tired feeling during the day. The discomfort of night sweat can be decreased, however. The use of the right bedding can bring relief and comfort and can therefore improve your sleep.


      SkinDream textile helps to keep your skin cool and dry by immediately absorbing and spreading the sweat. It also ventilates the textile, which speeds up the evaporation process of the moisture. With our products your bedding and your skin will stay dry during the night. SkinDream textile therefore offers your more comfort and a better night’s sleep.

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