What is decubitus?

Decubitus is the medical name for pressure ulcers. Many people suffer from deformation of the skin through pressure or keeping the same position for longer times.

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Preventing bedsores

SkinBreeze textile protects the skin by keeping the microclimate healthy. This means that the skin stays dry and cool. Furthermore, It decreases friction and pressure on the skin.

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Preventing bedsores

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      Pressure ulcers

      often called ‘bedsores’


      Pressure ulcers emerge by pressure and friction on the skin. Normally we change positions regularly when we lay down or sit to make sure our skin does not get pinched. We do this unnoticed, also during our sleep.


      Pressure ulcers often emerge when people lay in bed or sit for longer times without being able to change their position. For instance, in wheelchairs or hospitals. The skin then gets pinched or to long. On places where the body rests on the skin, small blood vessels are pressed closed. The skin or inner layers of the skin can die because of this.


      If there is pressure on the skin for long times, red spots and blisters can occur. These spots are called pressure ulcers, bedsores or decubitus. Pressure ulcers occur most on the back of the head, heels or near the tailbone. This because on these locations the bone is close to the surface of the skin.

      Prevent pressure ulcers


      Science showed that pressure, friction and especially a bad microclimate on the skin are the main causes of pressure ulcers. The microclimate is a combination of temperature, humidity and ventilation on and surrounding the skin. At higher temperatures and higher humidity, the risk of pressure ulcers is also higher.


      It is important to prevent or cure pressure ulcers as soon as possible. Prevention is better than cure. SkinBreeze textile protects the skin and keeps the skin cool and dry. Furthermore, it reduces the friction and pressure on the skin. This is how SkinBreeze textile can help to prevent pressure ulcers.

      The benefits of SkinBreeze

      Moisture regulating

      Smooth and soft

      Pressure reducing