Press release: Revolutionary SkinDream bedding in fight against night sweats

Press release: Revolutionary SkinDream bedding in fight against night sweats

SkinBreeze, a Dutch start-up developing textile products against – among other things – night sweats, is ready to enter the market. The company announced that the last test phase for innovative functional bedding has been completed successfully. The new product encourages a healthy sleep during the night, enabling users to be at their best during the day. The bedding is introduced under the brand name SkinDream. Production of the first batch will be financed by crowdfunding. The dedicated crowdfunding initiative starts today on the international Kickstarter platform.

The patented SkinBreeze textile technology, originally developed to help prevent pressure sores, has many applications. The start-up now opts for the home bedding market as initial market to launch its SkinDream bedding. The special structure of the SkinDream bedding helps to keep the skin cool and dry.

SkinDream bedding against night sweats
Night sweats are a widespread phenomenon. Worldwide, 5% of the population suffers from it on a daily basis, for women in their menopause this percentage is as high as 75%*. Hormones, but also the use of medicine, certain diseases and infections often lead to night sweats. A disturbed sleep pattern makes it harder for the body to restore and can even lead to additional complaints. Ellen Geerdink, one of the founders of SkinBreeze: “Night sweats are a nuisance for a great many people but is seldom spoken of. Which is why it should be addressed with some urgency. There is simply a great need for help in this matter. With this new bedding we are actually capable of providing that help.”

Enthusiastic test sleepers
The young innovative start-up has engaged test sleepers to further improve its products. One of the test sleepers is Nancy van de Ruit, author of the book ‘The Menopause, more than a hot flash’ and owner of the Facebook community ‘Hot Flash & The Gang’. Nancy: “I had tried numerous things, but nothing was resistant to my night sweats. Until I became a test sleeper for the SkinDream pillowcases. Surprisingly, I slept a lot better because the pillowcase remained dry and cool. Quite incomprehensible to me.” Read the blog Nancy wrote about her test period here.
Professional cyclist Dylan van Baarle, 28 years old and racing for Team INEOS, also reacted with enthusiasm when he was asked to test the SkinDream pillowcase. In 2019, he was overall winner of the Herald Sun tour and winner of the final stage of the Critérium de Dauphiné. Dylan: “Especially in the summer I suffer from night sweats. For the past two years I’ve lived in Monaco and the nights there can be terribly hot. What bothers me most is the soaked bedding and the regular waking up. For a professional athlete it is crucial to have a good night’s sleep in order to perform to the best of your abilities during the day. When my own pillowcase gets damp and wet, the SkinDream pillowcase remains dry and cool. An absolute relief! I’m really looking forward to the SkinDream sheets. During my night sweats my entire body gets wet, so a SkinDream sheet would be most welcome.” Read the entire story by Dylan van Baarle here.

Revolutionary textile technology
The improvements are achieved thanks to a new textile technology which keeps the so-called micro-climate of the skin as optimal as possible. The textile is composed of multiple layers that – combined – help to keep the skin cool and dry. Read more about the technology and materials used here. Leo Smit, co-founder of SkinBreeze explains: “Quite often one is advised to buy nightclothes and bedding made of products like cotton, bamboo et cetera – materials based on cellulose. But cellulose absorbs more than 14% moisture and retains that moisture, resulting in damp and clammy nights. We use smart synthetic textile structures instead, developed for their ventilation capacities and ability to draw moisture away from the body.

Kickstarter campaign
The crowdfunding initiative aims to cover the production costs of the first series of pillowcases and fitted sheets. On the Kickstarter platform people can support the realization of the project by pre-ordering the product at an attractive discount. Geerdink: “Depending on exactly when supporters (called backers in the crowdfunding world) decide to back the project, they receive a discount between 20% up to 50%. If the campaign is successful, we intend to launch more products in the near future. Like additional colours and multiple sizes in fitted sheets for example.”

For more information please refer to the Kickstarter page.



Note for the editor
For more information: Ellen Geerdink +31 6 28 95 01 36 or ellen.geerdink@skinbreeze.nl

About SkinBreeze
SkinBreeze is a new company which was founded in July 2019 by Leo Smit and Ellen Geerdink. The start-up creates textile products that optimise the skin’s micro-climate. Originally founded to develop products that help prevent pressure sores, with its SkinDream product line SkinBreeze also focuses on applications against the nuisance of night sweats. SkinBreeze closely cooperates with the Textile Faculty at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede and several health institutions. SkinBreeze receives a subsidy from the EIT Health, which is part of the European Union.

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