Professional cyclist Dylan van Baarle enthuses over the SkinDream anti-nightsweat pillowcase

Professional cyclist Dylan van Baarle enthuses over the SkinDream anti-nightsweat pillowcase

Over the past several months different people have tested the new SkinDream pillowcases that help to reduce the discomfort that comes with night sweats. Dylan, a 28 year old pro cyclist from team INEOS, was one of them. Dylan won the 2019 Herald Sun tour and the ‘Critérium de Dauphiné’. Night sweat is a common problem for professional athletes. A good nights rest is of the utmost importance for professional athletes to compete at the highest level. Dylan reacted with great enthusiasm when he was asked to test the SkinDream pillowcases.

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How often do you experience night sweats?
I experience night sweats especially during the summer. For the past two years I’ve been living in Monaco and the nights can get pretty hot. When I’m sweating during the night, my whole body gets wet. Fortunately, this isn’t the case every night. During the winter months I experience a lot less sweating during the night.

What discomfort do you experience during night sweats?
The drenched bedding is what bothers me most, as well as waking up throughout the night. I can handle a single night, but multiple nights is exhausting and can have a negative impact on my performance during the day. A professional athlete needs his or her rest to perform better.

How was your experience with the new SkinDream pillowcase?
I was very positively surprised with pillowcase nr.1! While my own pillowcase gets damp, the new SkinDream pillowcase keeps my pillow cool and dry during the night. It was such a relief! Pillowcase nr.2 felt a bit warm to the touch, so I only slept on it for a few nights.

Would you recommend SkinDream pillowcases to people whom are suffering from nightsweats?
Definitely! At the moment I’m training in the French Alps and I brought the SkinDream pillowcase with me. I’m also very excited about the upcoming SkinDream bedding. As I said earlier, when I’m sweating my whole body is affected so the complete SkinDream package is very welcome.

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