SkinDream bedding against night sweats now available!

SkinBreeze has started a crowdfunding initiative on Kickstarter.com. Participating in this initiative means you are contributing towards the first production of our SkinDream bedding against the nuisance of night sweats. In exchange for your donation you can buy the first SkinDream products at a significantly reduced rate. You will receive your discount as soon as the products have been manufactured. The crowdfunding can be seen as a sort of pre-sale of the SkinDream bedding.

Make SkinDream come true

And benefit from reduced rates!

With your help we can turn our SkinDream products into reality. Your contribution is used to finance part of the production process of the products. We intend to deliver the products in December.


Not familiar with Kickstarter? Below, we have listed the steps you need to take.

Please support the production of SkinDream bedding by ordering SkinDream products in the pre-sale

SkinDream products: support and orders

Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on this link to go to the Kickstarter page.

2. Click on the green button “Back this project”.

3. Choose the product you wish to order.

4. In the scroll-down menu “Shipping Destination” choose the country where you live. Shipping costs are automatically added to the purchase amount.

5. Click on “Continue”.

6. In the next step, create a Kickstarter account, log in to your existing account or continue with your Facebook account.

7. Fill in your credit card details and postcode and click on “Pledge”.

8. You will now receive an email to confirm your participation, also informing you when the amount will be debited.

9. As soon as the campaign is over, you will receive updates about our process on the email address you provided.

Thank you so much for your support!

May your new SkinDream bedding bring you many comfortable nights.

Frequently asked questions

What is kickstarter?

Kickstarter.com is a website offering new or existing companies a platform for a fund-raising appeal to finance their company. Raising donations is achieved by means of crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding means that money is raised by addressing a wide audience instead of being funded by an investor or borrowing money from a bank. With crowdfunding, lots of people donate money which collectively adds up to the goal.

Why does SkinBreeze use crowdfunding?

Setting up a production line is a costly process. Since SkinBreeze has no income prior to the sale of the products, crowdfunding is a means to raise the initial money necessary to realize the manufacturing of our SkinDream textile products.

How is your donation used?

With your donation we can start producing the first batch of bedding. This means the textile can be produced which is then turned into our beautiful SkinDream products in a sewing workshop.

Which sizes are available?
What are the instructions for washing?

The benefits of SkinDream

Moisture regulating

Smooth and soft