Solutions for night sweats

SkinDream gives opportunities and solutions

Night sweats are not always completely preventable, but there are possibilities to reduce the symptoms and improve your sleep quality.


  • Always sleep in a cool and well-ventilated bedroom, preferably with a window opened. This improves the supply of fresh and dry air, which makes sweat evaporate more easily.


  • Avoid sleeping on memory foam matrasses. These mattresses are highly insulating and stop the ventilation around the body.


  • Sleep without nightwear, so the moisture is absorbed better by the bedding. This reduces the wet and sticky feeling on your skin.


  • Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or spicy food at night. These products heat up the body and make you sweat more easily.


  • Choose your bedding with care. High quality bedding absorbs the sweat and spreads it immediately, so it keeps your skin dry. Try to avoid sleeping on bedding that is made of certain natural materials that merely absorb the moisture. These materials only work temporarily. As soon as the textile is saturated, sweat can no longer be absorbed and the effect will be the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.


SkinDream bedding helps to keep your skin cool and dry by immediately absorbing and spreading sweat. The sweat also evaporates faster because of the ventilating abilities of the textile. The sheets and your skin stay dry longer. SkinDream bedding can therefore bring you more comfort and a better night’s rest.

The benefits of SkinDream textiles

Moisture regulating

SkinBreeze textile easily absorbs sweat and makes it evaporate quickly. This keeps your skin cool and dry.


Due to the fast evaporation of moisture from SkinDream textile, your skin cools down quickly when needed. This keeps your skin at a pleasant temperature.


The thick outer layer of SkinDream textile makes airflow through the textile possible. Your skin will be able to breathe comfortably.

Smooth and soft

SkinDream textile has a smooth inner layer which feels soft. This reduces the friction on your skin.

Pressure reduction

The thicker outer layer of SkinBreeze textile equalizes the pressure on your skin and reduces the pressure you feel.

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