“My sleep has improved a lot since I started using SkinDream” – Dylan van Baarle, professional cyclist

“My sleep has improved a lot since I started using SkinDream” – Dylan van Baarle, professional cyclist

Dylan van Baarle, professional cyclist at team INEOS Grenadiers, is an enthusiastic user of the SkinDream bedding products against night sweats. In an earlier interview Dylan revealed that he often suffers from night sweats. Not good, as a good night’s rest is of the utmost importance for professional athletes. Together with Dylan we look back at a few of his most important races of 2020 and how SkinDream has contributed to a good night’s sleep.

It was a special year for you with team INEOS. How do you look back on this?
My year started well at the Santos Tour Down Under (Australia) were I had a good race and finished 5th in the final classification. I was in good shape and was looking forward to a great cycling year. Unfortunately, Corona hit shortly after which changed everything. At that time, I was training in South Africa in preparation for the Flanders Classics, but because of the rapid spread of the virus, I had to go home earlier. The lockdown was a difficult period. I stayed in my house in Monaco and did not meet with anyone for weeks. My home trainer became my best friend, together we often completed more than 160 km a day. I had no other choice – cycling outside was not allowed.

The Tour de France started in July. How did you experience this race?
To be honest, I expected a bit more from the Tour. Despite being in good shape, I never had the right feeling during those three weeks. My best memory of the Tour de France is actually the year before in 2019 when we ended as the winner with Egan Bernal. A very special memory which I will always take with me. Fortunately, directly following the Tour I did have a good World Cup in Italy. The week before, I took lots of rest as I felt my body needed it. I was able to take that good feeling with me to the postponed Flanders Classics and also to the Vuelta in Spain.

How does a rest day during the Tour de France look like for you?
During a rest day we do as little as possible. We sleep a bit longer and after breakfast we jump on the bike for an easy ride. The rest of the day consist of massages, physiotherapy and a good dinner. These rest days pass very quickly.

The Vuelta in Spain was your last importance race of 2020. Wat did you do the weeks following it to recover?
The Vuelta was also the last race of the season. Beyond that, there was not much I had to do. Every now and then I rode my bike a little, not for training but simply because I really enjoy cycling. Furthermore, I was able to do things which I could not do during the cycling season, such as visiting a number of people wo are very close to me. Normally I would also go out with my friends and travel to a sunny destination, but due to Corona this was not possible.

How did you sleep during the Tour de France and the Vuelta in Spain?
Since I use the SkinDream bedding products, my sleep has improved a lot. I notice that I sleep more consistently, I sweat less which also makes me much more rested in the morning. The reason is, when I am sweating during the night, I sweat all over my body, resulting in soaked bedding and waking up several times during the night.

Can you feel the difference when you have slept a night without SkinDream?
Yes absolutely. During the Vuelta in Spain, I slept a few nights without SkinDream because the bedding needed to be washed. You immediately notice that the other bedding products feel much warmer. Because of this I kept tossing and turning and had trouble falling asleep. Not good of course: a good night’s rest is very important, because it directly affects my functioning the next day.

How important is a good night’s sleep for you as a top athlete?
A good night’s sleep is essential for recovery as it enables me to perform to the limit. When I sleep less, and this continues for a few days it is exhausting and has a direct impact on my performance during an importance race. That is why I now take the SkinDream products everywhere I go, even on training camp. It just feels good and it really improves my sleep!

What are you plans for 2021?
Next year I hope to achieve good result at the Cobbled Classics. That is my big goal! After that, I would like join the Tour de France, and who knows….the Olympic Games.

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